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Our Dedication

Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Kay McFarland’s dream was to leave a legacy gift of a world class Japanese garden in the capitol city of the state she served. Kay’s garden is a destination filled with serenity and breath-taking views. It offers inspiration, contemplation and serves as a venue for life changing and everyday experiences. Kay’s Garden cost $6,640,000. The Kay E. McFarland Living Trust established funds that paid for the project costs and established a permanent endowment fund of to maintain the garden into perpetuity.

In addition to the Kay McFarland Japanese Garden at the Topeka Zoo, Chief Justice McFarland supported developing Lasting Legacy Online for her life story and for others to tell theirs. The Gallery of the Event Center in Kay’s Garden tells only a little of her story. Trustee, Elaine Schwartz, knew for people who visited her garden, they would want to read her whole story. For a year and a half before the Chief passed at the age of 80, Elaine interviewed her each week to both check on her health and to create this wonderful story.

Please visit her garden at 635 SW Gage Blvd · In the Topeka, Kansas

Lasting Legacy Online Stories

Elaine Schwartz

Elaine could perhaps write two Lasting Legacy Online stories. Her first: the story of high school cheerleader, band member and softball player who meet her dream boat at a dance and was wed at age 16. Two years later, he’d return from the draft (to avoid Vietnam) and build a home with his budding bride and newborn son. She found friends and fellowship in the Lutheran Church and worked as a nursing aid. Fast forward 30 years, Elaine has now married the love of her life, blended families, converted to Judaism, served on City Council and flexed her entrepreneurial spirit–beginning Lasting Legacy Online LLC with her husband Dr. Howard Schwartz and with support from dear friend and namesake Justice Kay McFarland.

Elaine’s Lasting Legacy Online story is dedicated to her grandchildren; in it she shares her love of life, her strong political beliefs, advice and lessons she learned on the way and even her favorite beef pot roast recipe. It’s one that ensures those that come after her will hear and know “Pete.”

Lasting Legacy Online Stories

Dr. Howard Schwartz

Born May 15, 1945 in Philadelphia, PA. Howard was the youngest of two boys. He never knew either set of grandparents: his paternal grandparents were unable to leave their homeland of Romania and his mother’s father passed before she was born due to a tetanus infection, his mother’s mother while giving birth to her. Then, just three months shy of Howard’s 18th birthday, his father Soloman passed. 

Today,  Howard is a (self-proclaimed “the”) proudest grandfather. Not having much knowledge or record of those before him, he is passionate to change the trajectory for his growing family. Writing his Lasting Legacy Online story is for those before him and for those after.

It’s with great honor to share Dr. Howard Schwartz’ Lasting Legacy Online story with you. We hope it inspires you and your entire family to begin writing their own story. 

Lasting Legacy Online Stories

Justice Kay McFarland

Garden City Telegram

Our featured Legacy is Chief Justice Kay Eleanor McFarland.

Judge McFarland was born on July 20, 1935 in Coffeyville, Kansas. She was appointed to the Kansas Supreme Court by Governor Robert Bennett, becoming the first woman to hold that office. Judge McFarland became the first female Chief Justice for the State of Kansas in 1995.

We honor Judge McFarland by having her legacy featured on our site.