Dr. Howard Schwartz

Born May 15, 1945 in Philadelphia, PA. Howard was the youngest of two boys. He never knew either set of grandparents: his paternal grandparents were unable to leave their homeland of Romania and his mother’s father passed before she was born due to a tetanus infection, his mother’s mother while giving birth to her. Then, just three months shy of Howard’s 18th birthday, his father Soloman passed. 

Today,  Howard is a (self-proclaimed “the”) proudest grandfather. Not having much knowledge or record of those before him, he is passionate to change the trajectory for his growing family. Writing his Lasting Legacy Online story is for those before him and for those after.

It’s with great honor to share Dr. Howard Schwartz’ Lasting Legacy Online story with you. We hope it inspires you and your entire family to begin writing their own story.