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Kay by Capital

Justice Kay McFarland

Justice Kay McFarland was born in 1935 in Coffeyville, Kan. She was the first woman appointed to the Kansas Supreme Court. Read her Lasting Legacy Online story.

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Howard Schwartz

Dr. Howard Schwartz

Dr. Howard Schwartz was born in 1945 in Philadelphia, PA. He never knew his grandparents, loosing them early in life due to immigration and disease. This writing is to help ensure his family stories are passed down for generations to come.

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Elaine Schwartz

Elaine could perhaps write two Lasting Legacy Online stories. Her first: the story of high school cheerleader, band member and softball player who meet her dream boat at a dance and was wed at age 16. Two years later, he’d return from the draft (to avoid Vietnam) and build a

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Grandpa Jack

Featured Lasting Legacy Story of John Edwin Wells, better known by those who loved him as “Grandpa Jack.” This is Grandpa Jack’s story as told to his daughter in law, Elaine Laue Wells Schwartz. He wanted to dedicate his story to his second wife Louise, and his grandkids. His first

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