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National and World Event Memories In Coffeyville, right off the living room was a den with a radio in it. I was sitting there listening to the radio at the age of five years old. I didn’t understand what I was hearing but I knew it was awful. I ran to the kitchen and told my mother. It was 1941 when Pearl Harbor was bombed. I hadn’t realized until Truman became President that FDR was President for most of my young life. I remember my dad couldn’t stand FDR or Eleanor. He thought she had this terrible voice that sounded like nails scratching on a black board. Harry Truman, of all the stupid things to remember about him, was how far removed he was from the Roosevelts. Something he said all the time when he was President was he washed his own underwear every night as he didn’t think anyone else should have to do that job for another person. He supported a singer by the name of Margaret and if anyone didn’t like her he would speak ill of them. I also remember hearing how one of his wife’s friends was flown from Independence each week to play bridge.

When Kennedy was shot I remember being at the intersection of 29thand Washburn, on my way to the office.